AR In Industrial Marketing and Selling: 5 Use Cases

Augmented and Virtual Reality Markets for Industrial Manufacturing are growing and are expected to reach $70 Billion by 2025.

Industries around the globe are realizing the benefits of Augmented and Virtual reality for improving their safety, efficiency, and operations.

This case study from the Industrial Manufacturing sector reveals the benefits of AR/VR-based trainings and demonstrations.

Energy Industry
One of the most prominent players in the energy sector was involved in improving safety performance and performance for other organizations in the industry through leveraging optimal operations. Although they offered training to operators on how to use these devices, it wasn’t their main revenue stream.

The pandemic brought about a change in the workplace. Employees across the company now need to be trained on how to use machines safely and comfortably. They created a simulation system that allowed technicians to watch videos and then work on virtual twins of machines.

This reduced training costs and allowed technicians to experience the various functions of the product online. This increased brand recognition and brand value among employees, and allowed them to build trust and be more productive.

The organization managed to improve their image by offering product demonstrations and training.