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Do you want to taste our Red Indica Rice.

Despite its great nutritional and restorative properties, Indica Red Rice is mostly unknown for its life-changing health benefits. They are 100% real Rice that has been nurtured by the farmers... Read More

Order Premium Quality Red Indica Rice100% Organically Grown.

Order premium quality Red Indica Rice – sourced clean from the Himalayan valleys to your home with no chemicals or residues. Now enjoy making delicious recipes with Red Rice! Find the... Read More

Did You Know That Japonica Rice Might Just Be The One Solution You Need For A Healthy Body?

Did you know that Japonica rice might just be the one solution you need for a healthy body? It has fibre, minerals, proteins and helps in weight loss. Yes, you... Read More

Do you want to taste our white Japanese Rice.

Short-grained variety of Japanese Rice packed with the richness of natural minerals, protein and fiber. Imported and grown in the western Himalayas at a colder temperature, the Japonica white rice... Read More

Did You Know That Benefits Of Dried Sea Buckthorn Berries.

Are you looking for a berry that has 9x the vitamin C than any other fruit? Filled with the goodness of antioxidants & healthy fat-soluble vitamins. If you’re not lucky... Read More

Rhododendron Flowers Are Exclusively Grown In The Mountains Of Himachal (Kullu Region).

Rhododendron flowers are exclusively grown in the mountains of Himachal (Kullu Region). It acts as an antioxidant and has various medicinal uses. In addition, it is a good source of... Read More

Himalayan Yew Tea Only From Hilly Basket.

Give yourself a break with an enriched cup of Himalayan Yew Tea only from Hilly Basket. Planted in the heavenly valleys of the Himalayas, our first-quality tea boosts your immune... Read More

Hilly Basket Is Launching Its Stinging Nettle Tea .

There is nothing as good as sipping a cup of tea that has a host of benefits to revitalize your health. Hilly basket is launching its stinging nettle tea which... Read More

Did you know that benefits of mustard seeds ?

All the benefits of mustard seeds are extracted into a bottle of oil for you. Straight from the Himalayas, organically grown seeds, crushed at room temperature in a traditional wooden... Read More

Hilly Basket Is Introducing 100% Pure, Cold-Pressed wild apricot kernel Oil.

Specially selected by our head miller, this 100% Himalayan grown, single varietal wild apricot kernel oil features nutty flavors, which add savouriness to your recipes. The oil is wooden cold-pressed... Read More