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RPS Pharmacy is the leading DPharma College in Lucknow. We are known for our outstanding teaching methods, curriculum, and research. Come and join us to witness academic excellence and student... Read More

Become a Pharmacy Expert at RPS College of Pharmacy! Unlock your potential in the pharmaceutical industry with our top-notch education and training programs. Choose from BPharma, DPharma, and MPharm courses... Read More

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RPS College of Pharmacy is the best pharmacy college in Lucknow, known for its outstanding teaching method, research, and skill development. The college attracted students with its excellent education, outstanding... Read More

Diploma in Pharmacy is the two year professional course and is separated into four semesters. RPS College, is the leading D.pharma college in Lucknow offering pharmaceutical education. The College is... Read More

A diploma in Pharmacy is a short-term course that fulfills the minimum qualification to be a registered pharmacist. RPS College in Lucknow offers DPharma or BPharma Courses. RPS, the... Read More

The Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharma) is a respected four-year undergraduate program that provides the chance to pursue a career as a licensed pharmacist in India. RPS College of Pharmacy is... Read More

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Take your First Step to becoming a pharmacist Choose RPS College, the Best Pharmacy College in Lucknow, approved and affiliated with A.K.T.U., P.C.I., and B.T.E. Lucknow, offering BPharma,... Read More

Are you thinking about pursuing a career in pharmacy to work in the healthcare field? Well, search no more! RPS College of Pharmacy, located in the heart of Lucknow, is... Read More