Blinq I-Lash Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution 0.03%

Blinq I-Lash (Bimatoprost) work by lowering eye pressure so as to treat glaucoma. Many people have used Eye Brush Applicators (for use with Bimatoprost) to apply it to the eyelashes, so as to help them grow long and dense. It belongs to a class of medicines referred to as prostaglandin analogs. Glaucoma places the optic nerve at risk of damage which occurs due to the obstruction of aqueous fluid outflow and the subsequent increase in eye pressure. This medicine`s mechanism action involves causing a higher amount of aqueous fluid to drain from the eye, thereby relieving the pressure. Leading medical experts made a connection with the use of bimatoprost and increases in the length and prominence of the eyelashes. Clinical trials showed that if it was carefully brushed onto the base of the eyelash, it could enhance the growth of the eyelashes and make them darker in appearance. Because of this, it has become popular as a cosmetic treatment, it has been widely used by women who desire longer eyelashes due to medical conditions or other reasons. Its eyelash lengthening properties are due to its effects on the hair regrowth cycle. The prostaglandin analogs cause an interaction with receptors present in the follicle which results in resting hair follicles (known as the telogen phase) being transferred into growing hair follicles (called the anagen phase).

Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution contains active ingredient namely Bimatoprost is synthetic prostaglandin analog used to improve fullness length and color of eyelashes in people with a condition lack of eyelashes growth. Being technical Each mL of Blinq I Lash contains Bimatoprost 0.03mg, Benzalkonium Chloride Solution BP 0.01%w/v (as preservative)Aqueous Buffered Vehicle.

Why do we use Blinq I-Lash?

It is indicated in the treatment of hypotrichosis of the eye lashes by increasing their growth by improving Fullness, length and color of eyelashes in people with a condition lack of eyelashes growth.