From Kerala to Kashmir: Exploring the Beauty of India's North

India is an exquisite land, boasting an incredible diversity in landscape, culture and experience. From Kerala's tranquil backwaters to Kashmir's majestic mountains – India enchants its visitors year-round! Are you dreaming of an epic Indian journey from South India's Kerala all the way northward to Kashmir's paradise? Our tour packages from Kerala to Kashmir can make this dream adventure come true. Popularly referred to as God's Own Country, Kerala is an idyllic tropical paradise in Southern India that provides stunning beaches. Kerala is famed for its lush greenery, tranquil backwaters and vibrant culture – all hallmarks of an unforgettable journey ahead. As your starting point on that journey, Kerala sets up some incredible experiences ahead. Kerala's backwaters provide an amazing opportunity for relaxation on traditional houseboats while viewing rural life along its canals and lagoons. Munnar and Wayanad are Kerala's picturesque hill stations, featuring rolling tea plantations hills, mist-covered mountains and breathtaking waterfalls to create an entrancing scenery. Periyar National Park in Thekkady houses diverse wildlife such as elephants, tigers and various bird species that creates an unforgettable atmosphere.