Getting Back in the Game: How Partial Knee Replacement Benefits Athlete

Injury while playing is widespread in the world of athletics and sports. Athletes must be very attentive during practice or performance to escape from undesirable injuries. Still, players sometimes suffer from strain, stress, or severe injury, which may require surgery. One of the most well-known and influential surgical options for players with knee injuries is partial knee replacement. It helps restore the functionality of knees and offers relief to players so they can return to their sports world without any hassle. Bone and Joint Care Center provides players and individuals with the best Partial Knee Replacement Surgery In Mumbai so they can efficiently perform their daily lives. 

What does Partial Knee Replacement mean? 

Athletes are most likely to perform parietal knee replacement surgery as it helps them to continue their sports journey after their surgical procedure quickly. It is also known as unicompartmental knee replacement. Orthopedic surgeons only replace the damaged part of the knee joint or arthritic portion so that the patient can regain their functionality without complications. 

Total knee replacement surgery is unfavorable for athletes as it replaces the entire knee joint. In contrast, partial knee replacement replaces only the portion injured or affected and preserves the rest of the knee for healthy movements. After this surgical procedure, patients can walk and perform sports activities after a few days of rest, physical exercise, and medications. This surgical procedure is favorable for patients with arthritis or other knee injuries which damage only one part of the knee.  

Who needs Partial Knee Replacement? 

Partial knee replacement benefits people with arthritis in the lateral or medial compartment. It helps athletes and other sports players who have injured, worn, or damaged only one portion of the knee.

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