Silver IUD Tcu 380Ag – Effective and Reliable Contraception | Silvee Silver IUD

The Silver IUD Tcu 380Ag is a state-of-the-art intrauterine device designed for long-term, reliable contraception. This innovative IUD combines the proven efficacy of copper with the added benefits of silver, enhancing its overall performance and longevity. The Tcu 380Ag is shaped like a T, which fits snugly within the uterus to prevent pregnancy by releasing small amounts of copper and silver ions. These ions create an environment that is hostile to sperm, thereby preventing fertilization. The addition of silver helps to reduce oxidation and prolong the effectiveness of the copper, ensuring sustained contraceptive benefits. Renowned for its high success rate and low maintenance, the Silver IUD Tcu 380Ag offers a safe, hormone-free option for women seeking a long-term birth control solution.