Transforming Marketing Through the Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT promises to change the face of modern marketing, providing businesses with new ways to interact with consumers. The connotation of IoT lies not only in a colossal network of connected devices but also in the continual collection of data on user behavior. With more and more such devices making their way into different aspects of life, especially in the hands of business decision-makers, marketers see the ability to have personal and contextually relevant content delivered to customers through manifold methods.
Improved Personalization and Contextual Relevance
Such humongous data collected by IoT devices will be regarding user preferences, habits, and environments, which can help in designing marketing efforts at very granular levels. For example, a smart fridge will keep track of the consumption of food by the consumer and recommend groceries as deals, personalized from local stores.
Seamless Integration into the User Experience
Traditional advertising is usually intrusive; it weakens the user experience. The IoT can change a lot in this regard by inscribing marketing content directly into consumers’ everyday interactions with their devices. For instance, a smart home assistant can suggest a new recipe to the customer and even share a shopping list. That shopping list could also include a link to directly order the items from a local grocer.

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