Understanding Why is Suicide Important to be Discussed?


Suicide is a difficult topic that people avoid discussing. However, talking about this topic with your children, friends, or other family members is essential as it is a leading cause of death from teenagers to adults worldwide. You should open up about suicidal thoughts, depression, and mental health with your surrounding people to avoid losing someone to suicide. To address this issue, the Depression Rehab Center in Pune helps people by providing a safe space and letting them talk about their issues.

The stigma attached to suicide.

Even though people know suicide is a serious issue, no one wants to discuss it. The reason people are afraid to talk about suicide is because of culture and society. People judge and stigmatize the person who attempts or commits suicide. It also puts their family and friends under harsh scrutiny.

In India, most people struggling with suicidal thoughts never mention their mental state because they fear being treated as pathetic or shameful. Hence, people are required to reduce the stigma around suicide in society.

The importance of talking about suicide

You may know that talking about suicide is important, but do you know how important it is to talk about suicide? There are several reasons why people should talk about suicide with others. When a person talks about suicide, we should acknowledge that it is a serious issue that affects many people’s lives. It indicates the first step toward healing.

Many people who died by suicide have struggled with mental health issues like depression, social anxiety, or insomnia. Another reason to discuss this topic is that it helps you identify the person who needs support and encouragement to seek professional help. Visiting a Depression Rehab Center in Mumbai helps you openly discuss mental health issues that need medical attention. It can save lots of lives.

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