What Happens If My Checked Bag Gets Lost?

Airlines have their own policies on when a bag may be declared totally “lost.” According to the DOT, it's usually after five to 14 days. If that happens to you, airlines are required to refund the fees you paid to check the bag that was lost
The airline advises passengers to report their bags missing within four hours of arrival at a destination

What happens if my checked bag gets lost?

You are entitled to reimbursement if your luggage is misplaced, damaged, or arrives at the airport late. The airline may also compensate you for replacement and 'emergency' purchases. You can only make claims for emergency purchases made while you are without your luggage if it is delayed.

This entitlement to reimbursement encompasses package and business travel, as well as any instances in which the airline is responsible for problems involving your luggage while you are traveling. Package travelers may also be eligible for a discount for each day they are inconvenienced through baggage issues.