What is the Ethiopian herb in coffee?

Berbere: The Heartbeat of Ethiopian Flavor

At the heart of Ethiopian cuisine lies berbere, a complex spice blend that forms the foundation for countless stews, curries, and vegetable dishes. This fiery blend typically features a base of ground chilies, most commonly the fragrant and moderately hot Ethiopian berbere chilies. But berbere is more than just heat. Layers of warmth are interwoven with the earthy warmth of fenugreek, the floral sweetness of dried roses (known as awaze ketema in Amharic), the citrusy brightness of cardamom (both green and the Ethiopian Korarima variety), the peppery bite of ginger, and the subtle warmth of cloves and cinnamon. The exact proportions of these spices vary from household to household, creating a spectrum of flavors within the berbere universe.