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Microbiology labs are critical in healthcare and scientific research, focusing on the study of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. These labs conduct essential tests to diagnose infectious... Read More

FSSAI Parameters Testing Lab | Lotus Lab

Lotus Water Food Testing and Research Laboratory Pvt ltd established in 2021 is one of the leading laboratories based at Pune. Laboratory is equipped with full-fledged, modern and sophisticated facilities... Read More

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Industrial Water Testing Lab | Lotuslab

Process water is used in industrial water testing lab operations, manufacturing processes, or other commercial activities. Testing is performed to monitor the quality and suitability of process water to ensure... Read More

Iron Pyrite Manufacturers in North India

Exporter of Iron Pyrite - Iron Pyrite Powder, Iron Pyrite Lumps, Ferro Sulphur 48% and Iron Sulphide Sticks offered by JS Technochem Pvt. Ltd. The mineral pyrite, also known as... Read More

polymer plastic company in Dubai

RAI works with many of the world’s leading polymer manufacturers. We offer a comprehensive range of standard and filled compounds and colour masterbatches. We have built a remarkable presence across... Read More

Veeraco Colourants Private Limited is a top Basic Dyes Manufacturer In India. Our highly developed infrastructure makes research, cultivation, and development of superior quality basic dyes feasible which are further... Read More

Swab Analysis Lab | Lotus Lab

Welcome to the Swab Analysis Lab at Lotus Lab, where precision meets innovation. At our state-of-the-art facility, we specialize in providing a comprehensive Swab Analysis Lab in Pune & PCMC,... Read More

Microbiological Testing Lab | Lotus Lab

Welcome to Lotus Lab state-of-the-art Microbiological Testing Lab, where we are dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality through rigorous microbial analysis. Our laboratory specializes in comprehensive... Read More

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